Compare Filipino and eastern European women

Do you know that women of the highest quality are not in western countries?  If you are a worldly man, maybe you already know that the best women in the world are in Eastern Europe and the Philippines, right?  This article will compare these two groups of women for you!

1. Looks

* Eastern European women: They are the hottest girls in the world - a typical eastern European lady has long legs, blonde hair, slim body, pretty face and smooth skin.  They know fashion and makeup extremely well.  If your wife is from eastern Europe, you’ll be proud of her whenever you two go out together.
* Filipino women: They are sexy women - their skin has natural tan!  They look more exotic than eastern European women.  So if that’s your type, go for it!

2. Personality

* Eastern European women: They are kind, straightforward, honest and caring.  Eastern European women look after their men very well because they think it’s their duty to do so.  Therefore, they don’t play games to trick you.
* Filipino women: They are funny, outgoing, sweet and loving.  Filipino girls will never bore you because they always have something interesting going on in life.

3. Sexuality

* Eastern European women: They are adventurous, sexual, ready to be penetrated any time.  They are very open-minded and relaxed when it comes to sex, and they believe that it’s very important to satisfy their men in the bedroom.
* Filipino women: Filipino girls tend to be more traditional in terms of sex because of their religion.  Most Filipino ladies don’t have sex before getting married.  Therefore, if you have a similar religion (or if that’s what you admire), then Filipino beauties are better for you!

4. Religion

* Eastern European women:  Most young eastern European women do not really practice their faith nowadays, although their parents and grandparents are quite religious.
* Filipino women: They are the most religious ladies in the world.  A typical Filipino lady wears a cross necklace.

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5. Language

* Eastern European women: People in eastern Europe may not speak English well, but young eastern European girls usually speak good English, as long as they are reasonably educated.  But they might not be able to understand your jokes or humor.
* Filipino women:  They are educated in English.  To be more specific, Filipinos are educated in American English.  Therefore, you wouldn’t have any difficulty communicating with them!

6. Family

Both eastern European women and Filipino women highly value family, so they are very close to their families.  Maybe Filipino ladies are closer to their families, compared to eastern European women.  That means they wouldn’t think about having a divorce easily after they get married.  As a result, it’s less likely for them to leave you in the long term.

7. Food

* Eastern European women:  They are good at cooking and they think it’s their job to cook for their men at home.  So you don’t need to worry about this aspect after getting married.
* Filipino women: They are extremely good at cooking and they will feed you incredibly well!  Be prepared - you may put on weight after marrying a Filipino girl!  A typical Filipino breakfast looks better than a western dinner!

8. Housework

Both eastern European women and Filipino women can do housework very well.  Perhaps eastern European ladies are slightly better than Filipino girls in this regard because in eastern Europe, households have high standards when it comes to housework.

9. The ability to fit in

* Eastern European women:  Once they move to a western country, they look like westerners anyway, so it’s not hard for them to fit in.  The only difficulties are: 1) potential language barrier; 2) potential culture shock; 3) western women around them may judge them for marrying western men in order to get western passports (probably because western women are jealous of their beauty).  Consequently, whether they can fit in or not depends on how they deal with other people’s reactions.
* Filipino women: They can fit in easily after moving to a western country because western women around them don’t really feel threatened by South Asian women (most western women secretly think they look better than others).  As a result, women from the Philippines shouldn’t have too many difficulties while living in a western country.