Is it more profitable to date a Filipina?

Russian women are the most targeted in international dating, so each westerner has tried to meet them or correspond with them at least once. Do Filipina girls differ from them?
Dating experts say Russian and Filipina women are dated for different reasons, with different purposes. A big number of western men prefer to retire in the Philippines since there’s warm and cheap.
So they relocate to this paradise country and find a stable partner there to make their life complete. While there’s no sense to relocate to Russia, and women from there want to live in the west.
It already makes the whole dating project in Russia expensive, while in the Philippines, it is extremely budget-saving if to do things right. We will examine some examples below.
A half of men who move to the Philippines, remain there for the most of time, while another half combines living in two countries. A good place of living is needed anyway, so a local woman isn’t a burden.
A very cheap and cozy house close to the beach or with a piece of land can be bought in the Philippines if to marry a local woman officially. Otherwise, only an apartment in the city can be bought.
Still, it’s the best investment one can make in the latter part of his life due to the climate, beautiful landscapes and sceneries, inexpensive yet highly vitaminized local food.
If a girl from Russia has a wish to spend a part of each year in her country, things get complicated. Real estate is very expensive in Russia, as well as hotels fee and the renting price.
Russian women prefer to lead active life so taking them to your hometown means getting them a car, arranging re-education for them, finding them job where they can eventually meet a younger man.
Filipina girls are ok with playing second roles in a relationship or in the family. If you want them to stay home, they’ll cook and clean all day, if you want them to work, they will do modestly.
Thousands of men admit it’s convenient to have a civil wife waiting for them in the Philippines so they can travel there regularly like if it was their summer house or a village for relax.
Russia is much more distanced, and there are no low-cost tickets usually. Flying a girl back and forth to a man’s country is devastating, as well as pleasing her with fine food and extensive shopping.
Filipina girl know how to survive in their country for two or three hundred dollars a month. They know the cheapest open markets, they can fish or garden themselves, and they do small jobs for food.
Basically, dating a Filipino woman can vary depending on one’s budget, and he is free to plan it, but in Russia, planning in advance is useless: there are always some hidden traps and pitfalls.

Is there no scam in the Philippines?

All Filipina girls are fairly plain and simple. Even when someone wants to trick you, they are bad actresses and their intentions are written on their faces. They’ll rather ask directly about something.
But as you probably know, Russian women are the best actresses ever. They are known to manipulate men when needed, with elegance and charm of real adventurers.
Since they are highly educated and refined, they either make typical trophy wives or use a man’s potential for their own needs without giving anything in return. It won’t happen in the Philippines.
There’s no such a thing in the Philippines as surviving without a man, building career, travelling alone, i.e. no feminism at all. Women need exactly a partner, not just his belongings or his support.
A wise man will give to a Filipina woman no more than he planned to. Wealthier men buy or rent big houses, present a new iPhone to their chosen one, knowing it’s a long-time girlfriend for sure.
Others live with their girl very modestly, make extra income with Youtube channels for travelers, travel only within the Philippines since there’s always a lot to see and to do.
Comparing with those conditions and lifestyle, dating in Russia is enormously money-wasting and may eat all savings for just a few months, without even realizing for what it was spent.

Russian and Filipina girls’ appearance

Most often, western men search for a mate in Eastern Europe and Asia just to avoid their local women’s greedy behavior. But a slim figure and youthful face are counted as well.
Among all Asian women, Filipina are the least flat and not always petite. It is completely possible to find a model-looking girl there even by European standards, nicely slim and tall.
Single Pina females usually have long wavy hair. Only married women with kids keep the hair up because it’s more comfortable, especially during the heat. Their hair is thick and silky.
In the Philippines, women do not have a habit to dye their hair like in many other Asian countries, so it remains naturally dark. They do not use much makeup either, only facial creams.
While Russian women apply lots of cosmetics and coloring on their face and hair. Blondes severely prevail in Russia, although Kazakh and Tatar girls look a little bit Asian.
To summarize, both Russian and Filipino girls are very beautiful and sexy, but Pina ladies manage to look like that in the most natural way, without any artificial ingredients added.