Why having sex in the Philippines is better than in Thailand?

Millions of men to Thailand for hookuping, it’s a known fact. But what about the Philippines? Is this place suitable for casual sex during the trips? Travel experts say, it’s better in so many ways.
First of all, finding a girl for sex in the Philippines is much cheaper. Unlike in Thai, there aren’t official masseurs or escort girls, but many women agree to get intimate for a little reward.
It is happening due to two main factors, common American and Filipino pre-history during the war and a harsh survival of Pina women nowadays. They trust westerners, and they need to eat something.
Thailand doesn’t have a common period of history with the West, and people live more prosperous life so they aren’t that sincere and welcoming towards foreigners. It’s just their touristic job.
Instead of super professional massage like in Thai or Bali, which is purely commercial of course, a Filipino girl is giving her warmth, affection, care, and accepts any desires of a man in the bed.
Many find this sweet obedience very sexy, and to the Philippines just to experience it since western women completely forgot how to be feminine and submissive to their man.
What can be better for a middle-aged guy than a very young girl? The age gap is considered totally normal and even desirable in the Philippines. It’s among their social patterns.
Moreover, the age of consent in this country is just 12 years old. Be careful though, this rule is mostly for locals and not every police department would approve such an initiative from a foreigner.
It’s one of the countries where girls get mature very early, both physically and mentally. Sometimes, they take care of the whole big family at that age and they don’t mind to get extra help.
Even if it’s only for a one-night-stand, Filipina girls always put a part of their soul into the physical contact. Deep inside, they hope this man will stay with them and become their prince.
This naïve and non-cynical attitude makes them even cuter. They are childish in a good sense, and it’s so easy to impress them. Some famous men are noticed throwing coins onto Filipino bar girls.
They react with such a joy that it melts men’s hearts, after western girls expecting furs and diamonds and Thai women spoiled with big amounts of money. It’s very refreshing to hookup in the Philippines.

How to approach a Pina girl making no mistakes?

If you’re a beginner, make sure you read this before you travel and make any arrangements. There are certain nuances in hookuping in the Philippines, and it’s important to consider them.
The more some city is adapted to hooking up, the bigger number of ladyboys you may encounter, so just pay attention. Angeles city, for example, is crowded with ladyboys.
On a good note, there are none of them in smaller provincial towns, and real girls are very easy to spot: they are naturally smiling, gracious, a bit fragile, dressed not too bright.
One cannot buy a girl from her family, like some bloggers claim. It’s not exactly a purchase: just some families would let a young girl go out with a man if he’s polite and helpful towards them.
But many girls are fairly independent, especially if they live and work in Manila far away from their parents, brothers, uncles. After all, male relatives aren’t overprotective in this country.
There are hotels and apartments for rent that are particularly friendly towards international couples. Just study reviews and responses online, so you will be sure where to stay.
However, it’s such a common thing in the Philippines that no one is ever surprised by such a couple. Many nightclubs in Manila and Angeles specialize on this kind of visitors as well.
If you want to get better quality girls, meaning more innocent and genuine, and you are ready to put some more efforts, here are some extra hints for you. One has to realize daily life of a Filipina.
They often spend many years at one place, without the financial possibility to travel much and without enough spare time. Helicopters that fly passengers over picturesque little islands, aren’t for them.
Amazing waterfalls in their own country aren’t for them. Only waiting for a city bus for long hours in a line of people, or monotonous farming and gardening on their father’s ranch are for them.
If you liked some particular young woman from a decent family and want to keep her for the whole vacation, or even longer, just show her the places which are normal for western tourists.
She’ll be so greatly impressed and thankful, nothing else should be added to this perfect program – a girl is yours and you have proved to be the most gallant man, not just a plain consumer.

How to remain free from your Filipina

If your eventual aim isn’t marriage, but collecting beautiful sexy Asian girls, you might want to know how to keep a healthy distance from your Philipe woman. Don’t worry, it’s possible!
Experienced westerners call marriages with Filipina girls non reasonable, since the process of divorce is long and expensive. But you can turn this flaw into the advantage.
It’s a kind of a tradition that Pina girls get married early. Not all of them succeed to find a foreign partner, while a helper to their families is needed urgently, so they have to chose locals.
At least a half of these early marriages go wrong, because men drink heavily and impose their power without really helping to a girl and her folks. Some marriages end with kids and others without.
In any case, a good solution for you is hookuping a divorced young woman. There are thousands of them at your avail, and all of them want another chance to build their private life.
You’ll always have an excuse for non-marrying them: you’re gathering the money for their divorce procedure. Girls know it’s costly, and will have nothing to complain about.
In any case, Filipina women are never pushy towards a man and his so called obligations. It’s another reason why westerners are so attracted to them. These girls have a very mild character.
There were funny situations when a western man even had two Filipina girlfriends in his rented house and they didn’t mind. Sharing a man was better for them than loneliness and hunger.
We surely do not suggest to go that far, but it’s a good illustration of women’s softness and obedience in the Philippines. So it’s never difficult to keep them on a healthy distance with no strings attached.
Even if you suddenly fall in love and decide to give her a sign of your affection, it makes sense to arrange a romantic ceremony for just the two of you, that means nothing juridically.
Casual sex in the Philippines and even having a stable sugar baby there is the most pleasant and money-saving option for a man of any age. So enjoy it and harvest the Filipina beauty.