A mini guide on getting ready for a great Thai hookup

If you’re wondering whether it’s easy to arrange a Thai hookup, there is no definite answer to this question. Your success depends on a great many factors. But if you’d like to maximize your chances, the right way to go about it is to do a proper research. This article will help you understand Thai girls better, and therefore avoid the most common mistakes western men tend to make when looking for hookups in Thailand.
First of all, we would recommend focusing your searches on big cities and tourist hot spots. Thailand is a progressive country in western sense, but there is still a long way to go where women’s rights and equality of genders are concerned. Women in provincial Thailand are bound by centuries long traditions and norms of behaviour, especially in public, and it’s not easy for them to open up.
Girls in large cities of Thailand are more contemporary, progressive and open-minded. That said, they are still conservative compared to women in western countries. Keep this in mind when planning your perfect Thai hookup. Most women have a traditional attitude towards relationships, but there are also those who don’t mind a short fling or even a one night stand.

How hard is it to pick up girls in Thailand?

It’s way easier to pick up girls in Thailand than in other Asian countries. Having a European or American partner is a status symbol here, and if you look decent, you won’t have any trouble finding a girl. Women in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chaing Mai are very friendly, hospitable and warm towards foreigners. However, there are a few things that have to be taken into consideration. First of all, their English is not perfect, and sometimes you might really struggle trying to figure out what they’ve just said.
A language barrier is a very irritating thing that can lead to unpleasant misunderstandings. Secondly, they tend to be shy at first, and you should be patient when talking to them. Of course, we’re not talking about ladies in bars and nightclubs here. Those are not shy and are always willing to keep your company. It goes without saying that you’re expected to pay them for services they provide, and if this is not your idea of a wonderful Thai hookup, you’d better ignore them completely.
Focus on regular girls instead and have fun together. They say if you can’t find a woman in Thailand, you’ll never find a female anywhere else on the planet. Don’t get it wrong though. It’s possible to hookup with Thai women, because they are generally open to the idea of having anything to do with a foreign man. It would be indecent to consider them easy or money-minded.

Pattaya beach road - Super cute girl and only 1000

Where should you look for a great Thai hookup?

There are several places to look for a great hookup in Thailand, with dating apps being the most popular of them all. With the advent of the internet, dating and hookup sites have become a game changer where searches of a partner are concerned. No longer have you had to approach Thai women randomly, hoping to spark interest of one of them.
In this day and age, you contact girls online and set up a face-to-face when it’s most convenient for both of you. Thai girls tend to be more flirtatious and open-minded on dating sites compared to their day-to-day life. There is no one to judge them online, and one can forget of the restrictions of society.
As for the most popular and commonly used apps, it’s strongly recommended to give your preferences to Thai Cupid, Thai Friendly and Asian Dating. Tinder is very trendy in Thailand, too. These sites offer free and premium plans, and they all boast a large database of female members.
You just need to create a profile and upload a picture along with providing some basic info, and you’re all ready to contact women of your choice. Don’t forget to use a search too – it will save you lots of time. Build a list of girls you’d like to get laid with and try to establish a special connection with them. When in Thailand, it will be easier to arrange a casual Thai hookup this way.
Apart from dating apps, you can check out night clubs (avoid anything to do with professionals though), shopping centres, night markets and fast food restaurants.

How to get laid in Thailand?

Getting laid in Thailand can be super easy if you’re willing to pay a woman for sleeping with you. Visit a red light district in any larger city, and you’ll see how easy it’s actually is. But if you find paying for sex unacceptable, you’d better get ready for a slower game.
As we’ve mentioned above, there are plenty of Thai girls on dating sites, and you’re half way to success if they actually agreed to meet you face to face.
The best strategy to use with a decent Thai woman is to act friendly and humbly, as if sex is the last thing you can think of. Be respectful and behave like a real gentleman – women like this sort of things all over the world, and Thai women are no exception. If you’re interested in a great Thai hookup, don’t be impatient and insistent. Generally speaking, girls in Thailand approve of a decisive and confident man, but if he starts flirting aggressively and requesting physical intimacy, most probably he’ll scare a girl off.
Being gentle with a Thai girl is a must. He won’t appreciate anyone being assertive and excessively focused on physical aspect.
Also, you should make out what kind of woman you’d like to hookup with and make you searches accordingly. For example, there are students who like to experiment and are curious to do have a sexual experience with a foreigner. There are also mature married women who’d like to spice up their boring sexual lives. There are girls who are interested in a long-term relationship and even marriage with a foreigner.
Of course, it’s going without saying that your personal experience can be completely different. In any case, you’re not going to forget an adventure like a great Thai hookup anytime soon!