How to get hot Filipino girls on the best sites to meet Filipino women

You are using the best dating website in order to meet Filipino women and you may wonder how to get the results efficiently and effectively, so this article teaches you exactly how to get what you want in record time.

Be consistent.  

If you are playful and funny while chatting with a Filipino lady, when you meet her in person, you should also be playful and funny.  Otherwise, she would know you are not really what she expected.  That’s why she showed interest in you initially and rejected you when she actually talked to you face-to-face.  Therefore, you must make sure that you display the same qualities consistently, so that she will be in love with you in real life.  The internet is only a way to meet her, and your real life is where the true story starts!

Talk to her on the phone fast.  

Online dating is helpful, but it has limitations, e.g. online dating doesn’t allow you to communicate with someone in a real-life situation effectively.  Therefore, once you have started to contact a Filipino girl online, you should ask for her phone number quickly and talk to her on the phone.  Otherwise, you may end up chatting with a Filipino woman for a few months, and then you realise that you can’t even understand her English when you actually talk to her in person.  Talking to her on the phone fast helps you avoid this embarrassing situation immediately.

Clarify what you want first.  

When you join a dating website, you need to know what you want in the first place.  For instance, if you are looking for a fling, you may display more physical desire in your dating profile, so that women who are looking for the same thing will connect with you.  But if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you probably need to display your core values so that women who share the same values with you will like you.  When you are looking for a Filipino girl, you also need to remember this: if you only want to hook up with a Filipino woman, feel free to demonstrate your high value in any way you want, i.e. your profile can show how successful or rich you are.  But if you are looking for a Filipino wife, then you may not want to show off your wealth or status because you don’t want a gold-digger to be your wife.  If you don’t even know what you want, then you wouldn’t know what you are doing.  In that case, you can’t really blame women for hurting you.
Most men don’t enjoy playing games, so in order to save you time and energy, you should be direct when it comes to online dating.  Filipino ladies tend to play fewer games than western women, so it’s totally okay to be direct with them.  In fact, they will appreciate your honesty.  Hence, if you are looking for someone to get married with, just be candid and tell her.  If you aren’t looking for a serious relationship, it’s always good to be honest and tell women as well, so they won’t feel that they get played in the future.

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Trust your intuition.  

Most men don’t believe in the woo-woo stuff, but neuroscience has proved that our intuition is always right as it’s a gut feeling created by our subconscious.  When you are talking with a Filipino woman, don’t justify why you want to be with her.  Ask yourself, "Do I feel expanded when communicating with her?  Or do I feel contracted?”  If you feel expanded, that means she is probably the right match.  However, if you feel contracted, that definitely means she is the wrong person.  Remember: if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no!  Your body always knows the answer.

Don’t ignore red flags.  

When you are talking with a hot Filipino girl, you may choose to ignore red flags early on.  Actually, people are not good at hiding their issues, so you can really see red flags from the very beginning.  If you choose to ignore it, the same issue will probably become the reason why you divorce her in the future.  Don’t believe that people can change.  Just look at how hard for you to change yourself!  Let alone changing someone else.