Philippines travel and visa

Now you are thinking about visiting the Philippines to meet a Filipino girl, so this article helps you to prepare your travel and visa!

Part I: If you are a US citizen….

You can enter the Philippines for purposes of tourism without a visa if you have:
  • A valid US passport and
  • A return ticket to the United States of America or an onward ticket to another country.
Upon your arrival, immigration authorities will stamp an entry visa valid for 30 days on your passport.  If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you should apply for an extension at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.
Do not overstay your visa; otherwise, you are subject to fines and detention by Philippine immigration authorities.
You could obtain a multiple-entry transit 9(b) visa to permit travel from one country to another via the Philippines.  Travelers must get a transit visa from a Philippine consulate or embassy before going to the Philippines.

Part II: If you are a British citizen ….

If you have a British passport, you can enter the Philippines without a visa for an initial period of 30 days.  You can also get a tourist visa from the Philippine Embassy before you travel, which will give you an initial 59 day stay.
You may apply to extend your stay at the offices of the Bureau of Immigration.  Overstaying without the right authority is a serious offence and can lead to detention pending payment of outstanding fees and fines as well as voluntary deportation at your own expense.
From November 2015, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration has changed its rules regarding passport validity.  British passports no longer need to have a minimum period of six months validity from the date of arrival.  Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay.  No additional period of validity beyond this is required at all.
If you don’t have evidence of return or onward travel, your entry to the Philippines could be refused.  So you should prepare an onward or return air ticket.
If you are leaving the country from Cebu Mactan Airport, you have to pay a departure tax of 750 pesos in local currency (or the equivalent in US dollars).  From now on, there is no longer a departure tax at Manila Airport.  But this information could change, so you should check with your local authorities before you travel.
UK ETDs are valid for entry into the Philippines, yet a Philippine visa is required in an ETD prior to entry. British Nationals leaving the Philippines on an ETD should get the necessary stamps from the Bureau of Immigration.  Otherwise, they would face issues at the point of departure.

Part III: If you are a Canadian citizen….

Canadians have to present a passport which must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of arrival in the Philippines.  You also have to present an onward or return ticket.  Before traveling, ask your transport company about its requirements regarding passport validity, which could be more stringent than the country’s entry rules and regulations.
Temporary passport holders might be subject to different entry requirements, so you should check with your local authorities for further information.
Canadians don’t need a tourist visa for stays of up to 30 days.  In order to extend your stay, you have to apply at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration before the 30-day period expires.
The visa issued by immigration officials upon your arrival in the Philippines takes precedence over any visa that you may have got from a Philippine consulate or embassy abroad.
If you leave the Philippines using a temporary passport which was issued inside the country, ask the Philippine Bureau of Immigration to obtain the required exit stamps.
Remember – tourist visa: not required (for stays of up to 30 days); business visa: not required (for stays of up to 30 days); student visa: required.


The Philippines has a high crime rate due to its economy; therefore, you must be aware of common crimes such as pick pocketing, ATM card fraud and Internet scams.  Also, if you are a westerner, you must be aware of any terrorism in the Philippines.  However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time in the Philippines and picking up Filipino women.