Why western men want hot Filipino girls for marriage

Filipino women are very sought-after in Asia because they are feminine, hot and caring.  If you are considering getting a Filipino wife, you are reading the right article!

Filipino women speak fluent English.  

Filipinos are educated in American English, so they speak the best English in Asia.  You wouldn’t have any difficulty communicating with Filipino girls because their English is phenomenal.  That’s why marrying a Filipino bride is better than marrying a woman from other countries in Asia.  Marriage is a 50-year conversation, so you’ll need someone who can talk to and understand you!

Filipino ladies are the most welcoming, the warmest in the world.  

If you have lived in England, you may have noticed that British people tend to be very careful and a bit cold.  That’s why it’s harder to get high quality girls in western countries, not to mention get a high quality girl who actually cares about you.  In contrast, Filipinos are very friendly and easy-going.  Therefore, you will have great experiences with them.

Filipino ladies can cook.  

Marrying a Filipino girl means being fed extremely well, so you may expect to put on some weight!  A typical Filipino girl thinks it’s her duty to cook for her husband, so she will look after you.  For instance, she may prepare typical Filipino breakfast for you – lots of meat, marinated in soy sauce, garlic and vinegar with jasmine rice.  Another option is pork belly with salt and sugar, fried till crispy.  However, in a western country, your typical breakfast is toast, bacon and sausage, which can be quite boring.

Filipino women enjoy saving money.  

Unlike western women who want to spend money on themselves in order to feel empowered and successful, Filipino ladies are the opposite – they want to save money!  In fact, Filipino women are very good at negotiating and bargaining – they are happy to do this every time they go shopping.  As a result, you will benefit from your Filipino wife financially!

Filipino women aren’t easy women.  

In western countries, it is common for a woman to date at least 7 men before she finally gets married.  That means if you marry a western woman, chances are someone else has slept with her again and again before you do it!  Consequently, it’s a bit like eating dinner with someone else’ knife and fork!  However, if your wife is Filipino, it’s very likely that she never slept with anyone else before you, because Filipino women like to save their virginity for their husbands.  As a result, she will never compare your sexual performance with someone else’ sexual performance, and you will be the only sex god in her life!

Filipino girls are fun.  

Filipinos love karaoke!  They have at least one karaoke machine at home.  Some households have more than one karaoke machines because different machines have different songs!  So you will enjoy singing with her! They love having fun and certainly know how to enjoy life.

Women from the Philippines have the right standards.  

Although she is very kind, it doesn’t mean she will let you do whatever you want.  In other words, if you are a lousy husband, she won’t stay in the relationship in the long run.  Most Filipino beauties know their worth and won’t put up with your BS, because they know there is a difference between liking someone and respecting someone.  That actually motivates you to be a good husband and a good man in general, right?

Filipino girls are hot.  

Filipino women know how to look after themselves: they wear nice clothes and shoes all the time.  In Philippines, beauty products are very popular.  Most Filipino women use skin-care products and wear makeup every day.  So if your wife is from the Philippines, she will still look good a few decades later!

Filipino women value family and long-term relationships.  

When there is a problem in a marriage, a western woman tends to consider this option: divorce.  No wonder the divorce rate in western countries is so high (about 50%).  Nevertheless, a Filipino woman wouldn’t think about divorce that quickly, because she values family and her long-term relationship.  That’s better for your future children’s wellbeing as well.

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